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Two Electric Trucks on a Road Trip

After a fantastic first Charged Rally, we packed up the trucks and headed home. On the 280 mile return trip we took on a strong headwind, a kiddo who didn't feel well, and getting both trucks home with out a hiccup.

Often times people wonder just how much a strong headwind effects EV travel. Our return trip from Amana, IA provided us with ample opportunity to prove an EV is capable of traveling with a strong headwind, even with a 30' Airstream in tow.

Our trip had sustained winds of 20-25 mph and gusts up to 30 mph. It was a brutal head wind, especially with such a large trailer in tow. However, both truck made the trip in a pretty uneventful manner.

The Rivian could have made the trip in a single charge, however a hungry kiddo prompted an extra stop. The Lightning would have done best with 3 stops, but one of our kiddos ended up starting to not feel well on our return trip, so Steve opted for a longer charge on a Shell Recharge charger so she could take a nap in the trailer. But, with the longer charge they were able to make it home with two stops with the Airstream in tow.

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