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What to look for in a camper for an EV

Curious if you need to trade your current RV in because you want to tow with an electric vehicle? Looking to buy a trailer for your EV? We've got three things you should consider when looking at a travel trailer for your electric truck or car.

There is a lot of negative information out there about towing with an EV. It can be overwhelming and leave you wondering if you can tow with an EV or if you need a special trailer to tow with an electric vehicle. Today, we cover three major things you should consider when looking for a trailer for your EV or deciding if you can tow your current RV.

  1. Aerodynamics To make it the furthers in your EV while towing, you'll want to consider looking for a trailer with good Aerodynamics. In our travels we have found that how aerodynamic a trailer is has a much bigger impact on your range than the weight of the trailer.

  2. How do you want to use your trailer at charging stops? For the easiest experience with the most abilities while charging, consider a trailer with no slide out or one that you can access the whole trailer without opening any sides. This will ensure you can use your trailer to the fullest while charging. We also suggest solar if you want to use your trailer at charge stops.

  3. Comfort for you! As long as a trailer is within the towing and payload capacities of your tow vehicle, an electric vehicle can tow any trailer out there. If the most important thing to you is comfort at your destination and having the features you want, any trailer is game! The only reason you would need to change your trailer or look for something aerodynamic is if you want to make it as far as possible with the least charging as possible. If you don't mind stopping to charge more often, no special considerations are needed!

What other questions do you have about towing with an EV? Drop them in the comments!

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