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Can you charge an EV at home?

Are you considering purchasing an EV but are confused about charging at home? Here are 3 quick tips for charging at home. From how long it takes, to what equipment you need, we will get you started on the right path to charging easily at home.

Yes, you can charge your EV at home! Here are the basics of what you need to know about charging at home.

You can charge on any existing outlet. If you have electricity to your home, you can charge at home. How quickly you can charge depends on what outlets you have in your home.

  • Wall Outlet: A regular 110v outlet will provide around 3-4 miles of range per hour of charging, depending on your vehicle. So, if you charge for 8 hours you would gain between 24-32 miles of range. A wall outlet is great for people who commute locally or work from home.

How can you get a faster charge? If you already have a 50 amp RV outlet installed in your home, you can use that to charge your EV more quickly. If you don't have a 50 amp outlet an electrician call install one for you. Typically they range in price from $500-$1,000 to be installed. The price may increase if your electrical system is older or otherwise needs altered.

  • 50 Amp Outlet: A 50 amp outlet will provide around 30 miles of range per hour of charging, depending on your vehicle. If you charge for 8 hours you would gain around 240 miles of range. A 50 amp outlet can provide enough charge to almost completely charge overnight.

Do you need special equipment to charge at home?

No, all you need is an outlet and your travel charger to charge at home. No other special equipment is needed to charge, unless you want it.

  • There are a lot of after market home chargers available out there. While they can increase convenience, they can't make your car charge any faster. Check out the one we have at our home here. Home chargers often have features such as cord storage, a holster, charge scheduling, and charge history.

What other questions do you have about EV ownership? Let us know in the comments.

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