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Does speed matter in an EV?

There is plenty of discussion on how far electric vehicles can go. Are they worthy of taking over for their gas counterparts? One thing that is certain is the faster you go, the less efficient your vehicle is...gas or electric. But, just how much does speed effect your efficiency and range while towing in an EV?

Steve took to the highway to figure out just how much 10 mph can effect your range in an EV. He hooked up to our Airstream Flying Cloud 30FB and drove 30 miles at 60 mph, then completed the same route at 70 mph.

We already preach that dropping your speed can increase your range if you're in a pinch. Finding out just how much was something we'd always wanted to do to help in our planning for longer and more difficult road trips.

The drive was short, but the information was big. When towing a 30' Airstream trailer our range dropped 20% by increasing speed by just 10 mph. That's a difference of being able to go roughly 100 miles to around 120 miles! No wonder all these tests at 75 mph in mountain terrain shed such terrible light on the Ford's towing ability.

Was this information useful? Would you like to see us do the same test in the Rivian? Let us know in the comments.

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