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Hitch Modifications, Towing with a Model S, and What Makes a Good Tow Vehicle

Today's podcast is a treat, as we chat with Andy Thomson of Can-Am RV Centre. Andy and his team have modified thousands of hitch sets up to make the impossible possible. We chat with Andy about modifying hitches, what makes a good Tow Vehicle, and his experience towing his 27' Airstream over the Ike Gauntlet with a Tesla Model S.


Can you tow a 27' Airstream with a Tesla Model S? If you ask Andy Thomson, he will tell you yes you can. Andy joined us from London, Ontario to talk about hitch modifications, what makes a good tow vehicle, and his travels with his Model S and Airstream. Andy has been modifying hitches and selling Airstreams for decades at CanAm RV. He has a unique knack for understanding tow vehicles and hitches, especially which ones are best for towing even though they might not be what you think of when you think of a tow vehicle. Aside from selling RVs and modifying hitches, Andy also takes his Airstream towed by his Tesla Model S from Canada to Florida every year.

Would you tow with a non-traditional tow vehicle?

Tune In To Learn: Why Teslas make great tow vehicles, how hitch modifications can make a big difference in towing, factors that make a vehicle good for towing, and how Andy's Tesla Model S did towing a 27' Airstream up the Ike Gauntlet.


Mentioned in this Episode

Rig Specs

Tesla Model S Refresh

27' Airstream Tommy Bahama

Weight: 7,600 GVWR

Length: 28'


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