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Expensive EV Items that are Worth the Money

Curious if some of the expensive items out there for your EV are worth the money? We have nearly 100,000 miles under our belt in EVs and in this post we share our 5 favorite investments in our car. These items have proven to be worth every penny!

There are a lot of accessories you can buy for your EV. Today we look at our 5 favorite expensive EV items that were worth the buy. These have been useful on many trips, in our daily EV life, and for making EV life a little easier. Let's take a look at what is on our list.

  • EV 30 Amp Adapter | 30 amp adapters made for RVs won't work on an EV. So having an EV specific adapter can open up more charging opportunities when you're on the road. It comes in especially useful at RV parks and campgrounds!

  • Tesla to J-1772 Adapter | This is essential for any non-Tesla owner! This adapter allows you to use Tesla destination chargers, which allows you to use a lot more chargers, especially at hotels, restaurants, etc. However, it cannot be used on a Supercharger.

  • 50 Amp Watch Dog Surge Protector | An app enabled Surge Protector that can be used when you want to track your power usage. The app can allow you to share with your host how much energy you used and pay them for the energy if needed.

  • 50 Amp Extension Cord | Be ready for any charging situation with a high amperage extension cord. There is nothing worse than not being able to get close enough to an outlet to charge. We use this nearly every time we charge at a campground!

  • Autel Maxi Home Charger | We love the features of this Level 2 home charger! Track your energy usage, what you're spending on charging at home, allow others to charge using your charger, just to name a few!

  • F-150 Decanter | What a great gift for your Lightning lover! The beautiful wood makes this a fun addition to anyone's collection.

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