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Hitting EV Limits

Driving from Kansas City, MO to Lincoln, NE pushed us to our limits while towing our 30' Airstream with our Rivian R1T.

Sometimes conditions and the availability of charging can put a damper on your travels when towing with an electric vehicle. Our trip from Kansas City, MO to Lincoln, NE was one of those times.

We were faced with head winds, cooler temperatures, and lack of working chargers which made our trip less than ideal. Luckily we had a backup plan for Oliver to get to his soccer game by riding back to Lincoln with Grandma and Grandpa.

Because of the unfavorable conditions we were forced to drive slowly and charge longer on a 62 kW charger, making our trip a long one. But, Steve and the girls still found time to explore Auburn while they charged and grabbed some yummy food while they were at it. And, Ollie made it to his soccer game on time!

While in Kansas City we stayed at Worlds of Fun Village, which was a great campground with reliable power, clean sites, and easy access to KC!

Does an occasional less than favorable trip make towing with an EV out of the question for you?

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