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Ease Your EV Range Anxiety

It happens to every EV owner, Range Anxiety! Getting used to an electric vehicle takes getting a few trips under your belt before you realize you have nothing to fear. But if you're new to EVs or considering an electric vehicle we have 3 tips for easing range anxiety.

  • Have a Plan We are in the early phases of EV adoption, which means chargers aren't as prevalent as gas stations. Be sure to make a route for your trip and know where you'll be charging!

  • Have a Back Up It helps ease your worries if you know there are other places you can charge along your route. Even if it's not the fastest charger, it can still help immensely knowing there are other options.

  • Start Slow Speed can really chip away at your range quickly, so if you're worried start slow and speed up if you have plenty of juice left. And you can also charge a bit more than needed just to make sure you'll make it!

The truth is, you probably won't need any of this tips because your car will make it to your destination, but following these few tips can help you manage your range anxiety until you are an EV pro!

What are your worries for driving an EV? Or, if you already own an electric car, what are your best tips for managing range anxiety?

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