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Uncomfortable Truths About EVs

There are many benefits to owning an EV. The convenience of daily driving and charging, reduce fuel costs when charging at home, just to name a few. However, navigating the truth about EVs can be difficult with people exaggerating both the good and the bad. In this post, we will discuss some uncomfortable truths about owning an EV that some owners like to sugar coat.

Here are 7 truths about EVs we have learned from driving over 100,000 miles in electric vehicles (with thousands of them towing):

  1. It takes longer to get to your destination and there may be places you can't go.

  2. The effects of driving conditions are more apparent in an EV.

  3. They're not completely maintenance free.

  4. They may not be as green or as cheap as you think.

  5. People aren't always kind to EV owners.

  6. Charging is not perfect.

  7. Owning an EV is addictive.

Click on the video above to learn more about why these truths are important to know if you are considering buying an electric vehicle or are new to EV ownership.

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