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The Progression of Charging, Tesla vs. CCS, Fast Charging Costs, and the Risk of EV Road Trips

On this episode of All Electric Conversations, Steve and I sit down to chat about the progression of electric vehicle charging, how owning a Tesla vehicle differs from owning a CCS car, and what risks you might be taking when you choose to road trip in an EV in today's current state.

Episode Summary

Public fast charging is a disaster. Do we think it's gotten better since we started driving EVs in 2017? Is Tesla really that far ahead?

We share our take on the current climate of charging and how we think things have progressed. Through stories of our trips and EVs we explore the difference between driving an Tesla vs. any other brand of electric vehicle. We discuss what we think needs to change to make charging better and the risk you take any time you hit the road in for an EV road trip. We also discuss our feelings on the cost of fast charging and if a higher price for charging is the answer to the charging problem.

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