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Are charging stops a waste of time?

When you stop to charge your EV, is it just a big waste of time? In this video we talk about what we do to be sure we are using our charging stops efficiently, especially when towing our Airstream.

Here are a few tips for making the best of your charging stops:

  • Try to stop around meal times

  • Clean the car or finish getting the RV ready if you're towing

  • Find something fun to do near the charger

  • Get some movement or exercise in

Much of how you handle your EV trips determines the outcome, if you feel you wasted time and the trip took forever or if you feel like you got there in just the right amount of time and are refreshed and ready to explore.

When we first decided to start towing with an EV, we really thought we wouldn't like it. Steve was a 'get there as fast as you can, don't waste a second at a stop' kind of guy. But, it turned out that being able to use stops to eat without having to rush, to take care of errands, and to get some wiggles out (have we mentioned we have 3 kids and a dog) ended up being one of the biggest benefits of driving an EV.

When we get in the car on a trip, the first thing our kids ask is if we are going to get to explore at any of the charge stops. One of our favorite stops was when the charger was at a train museum!

We'd love to know, how do you use your charge stops? What concerns do you have about charging stops? Leave us a comment!

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