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Ep. 7 | What does the new EA CEO need to do and what's up with the new Rivian range update?

Episode Date: February 15, 2023

Take a drive with us to chat about what we think the new Electrify America CEO needs to do to build back trust in their network and we break down some of the details behind the latest Rivian update that gave drivers more range.

Episode Summary

Electrify America has a new CEO. Is this the opportunity EA needs to make their network one people love and trust? We chat about ways we think Robert Barrosa has the chance to make EA a valuable resource to EV drivers. We talk about app up grades, station reliability, new stations, and where we think they should start. We also quickly chat about the new Rivian update and how on earth an update can give you more range!

Key Topics & Chapter Markers

0:00 Introduction

2:00 Increase confidence in EA stations

35:14 Rivian Update

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