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Leading the Way: EV Off Roading + Towing

Towing with an EV is an adventure all on its own. Samuel Hernandez of iam.rocklander sits down to talk about taking his Rivian R1T off the beaten path and towing his rock crawler jeep. If you're looking for inspiration to get your EV into nature, Samuel's adventurous spirit will have you ready to take the path less traveled.

The Rivian is built for adventure, but are electric vehicles ready for prime time off road exploring? Samuel Hernandez has lots of experience in the off road community. His 2017 Jeep Rubicon is less Jeep and more rock crawler these days. He loves getting away from crowds and out into nature. After enjoying driving his Audi E-Tron he decided to take a chance on the Rivian R1T. Samuel talks about his recent trip to King of the Hammer, how the Rivian handles off road trials, charging in the middle of the dessert, and how the Rivian does towing his giant jeep.


Episode Chapters

0:00 | Introduction

0:44 | Who is Samuel Hernandez?

2:25 | Getting a Rivian R1T

6:20 | Towing a Rock Crawler with a R1T

14:22 | King of the Hammer

17:00 | Rivian Off Roading

28:13 | Tips for Off Road Newbies

35:45 | Overlanding Tent for Rivian

56:37 | Conclusion


Mentioned in this Episode

Rig Specs

2022 Rivian R1T

2017 Jeep Rubicon


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