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Are you ready for an EV? 3 Simple Questions to Ask Yourself

If you're considering buying an EV, we have simple 3 questions you should ask your self to find out if an EV might be a good fit for you. We'll break down the 3 questions and find out if you're ready for EV ownership.

Making the switch to electric can be overwhelming. We've been driving gas vehicles for...well, since before we were all born. Our habits are rooted deep! But, these questions will help you quickly gauge if an electric vehicle might be right for you or not.

  1. How far do you drive each day? If you drive less than 30 miles per day an EV will be easily manageable for you. You can charge on any outlet and gain back enough charge each night to keep up with your daily driving. If you drive more than 30 miles per day you will want to have access to a 50 amp outlet in your home to regain enough energy to maintain your daily driving habits. If you don't currently have a 50 amp outlet, you can have one installed by an electrician. We talk more about home charging here.

  2. How often do you road trip? It will take roughly 15-20 minutes longer for every 200 miles you drive in an EV compared to an internal combustion vehicle. If you are a person that absolutely won't stop until your car needs gas, no matter what, and hate the idea of stopping a lot, an EV might not be for you. However, many people find after their first trip in an EV that stopping more often is actually a pro instead of a con. They feel less exhausted when they arrive at their destination and are pleasantly surprised. If you don't mind stopping, enjoy breaks on your road trips or don't road trip often an EV can easily fit in your life. But, don't forget to check the chargers in your area or near the places you like to go to make sure there are road-trip worthy chargers nearby.

  3. Do you have realistic expectations? Don't jump into an EV expecting it to be exactly the same as a gas vehicle. There will be new terms to learn, you'll need to get used to communicating in miles per kilowatt hours or watt hours per mile instead of MPG. You'll need to learn how to use charging stations and they might not work flawlessly, especially when you first get started. You'll also have to manage range anxiety as you get used to navigating life in an EV. But, it's normal for nearly every new EV owner and after a few weeks you'll be a pro. So, if you can handle a little learning curve, then you can happily drive an EV!

What other questions do you have about driving an EV? Drop them in the comments!

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